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Could you really be the strongest Man or Woman in the
World? This website will reveal all based on your weight
and maximum you can Deadlift. If you donít know what
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World's Strongest Man Mariusz PudzianowskiCurrently the recognised world's strongest man is Mariusz Pudzianowski weighing in at 132 kilos and with a maximum deadlift of 395 kgs! his true power is 2.99 kgs per kg.

This being said someone who weighs 75kgs and can lift 250 kgs has 3.3 kgs per kg so if you go by kg for kg is stronger.

The record for a raw deadlift (a deadlift performed without the aid of a deadlift suit) is 442.5 kg (975 lbs) by Benedikt Magnķsson.

Have you ever watched the world`s strongest man, the olympic weightlifters or anything else to do with people power?

Well you might not have thought sat there that you could be every bit as strong if not stronger than those people!?!?

Deadlift Benedikt Magnusson Itís very simple, all you need to do is register, enter the maximum weight you can dead lift and your own weight. The system will then calculate your power to weight ratio and rank you amongst the 1000's of people already registered. Could you really be the strongest man or woman in the world, will a woman prove that once and for all that a woman can be stronger than a man, will you really be stronger than big bob down at the bar or huge mike in the gym? You never know so why not give it a go and find out!!

Please note there are 2 types of entry for this, verified and unverified. Once your entry is submitted you have the choice to verify your stats by adding pictures or a video of your lift and weight at the time.

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